The story of Lights in Alingsås

Lights in Alingsås It all started when students from Ljuscentrum Gothenburg University came to Alingsås1998 to experiment with architectural lighting in public spaces. Under the direction of Torbjörn Eliasson and Kai Piippo they did the very first installations which became the source of Lights in Alingsås. In 1999 they repeated it all, but now the group of students expanded with students from  Jönköping University. This became a success for both inhabitants in Alingsås and the students.  In year 2000 the municipality entered into agreements with the Professional Lighting Designers’ Association ‐PLDA (former ELDA), who have brought the international world of lighting design to Alingsås every  October since then. The result is an educational and fun lighting event which has grown annually.

‐Already in the early years the Municipality of Alingsås showed a huge interest in lighting, which  was matched by interest from an international audience. Today, Lights in Alingsås welcomes  more than70 000 visitors annually. “We are obviously very proud," says Kjell Hult, former  Development Manager at Alingsås Municipality and one of the initiators of Lights in Alingsås.

In the end of year 2014 a new agreement was made between Alingsås municipality and IALD,  International Association of Lighting Designers, based in Chicago.The International Association  of Lighting Designers (IALD) is an internationally recognized organization dedicated solely to the  concerns of independent, professional lighting designers. The IALD strives to set the global  standard for lighting design excellence by promoting the advancement and recognition of  professional lighting designers. 2017, Alingsåsmunicipality has decided to transfer the responsibility of Lights in Alingsåsto  AlingsåsEnergi, who is supposed to continue the development of light design as a long‐term  part of Alingsås Vision. Recently, a new 3‐year agreement between Alingsås Energi and the light organization International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) was reached on cooperation  on one of the biggest events in light design, Lights in Alingsås (LiA).

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